They always tell you that it happens when you least expect it--falling in love, that is. That pretty much sums up how I got into wedding photography. It wasn't a life long dream. It was impulsive, sudden, and above all else: real. But from the moment I started, I fell instantly in love.
Some of the best moments in life are unplanned and unexpected. And many times these spontaneous moments are the most evocative photographs from a wedding. While I make sure to photograph all the details and moments you expect to see in a typical wedding album, my coverage style puts an emphasis on anticipating the unexpected and freezing powerful emotional expressions that conveys a narrative beyond the image. Many years from now, when you think back to your wedding day, you'll have memories of joy and delight, but they may be a little murky. When you look back at your wedding photographs it will jar your hazy thoughts into unmistakable clarity as you re-live the day through artistic and authentic imagery.
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